Supporting Local Entrepeneurs

Ask any entrepreneur, there is something deeply satisfying about earning money by working hard.

As a teenager, I took several odd jobs over the summer, weeding gardens for a handful of elderly ladies who needed a little help. They paid me a few dollars an hour to pull up lemon balm run amok and restore flower beds and vegetable patches to their weed-less glory. It was hard work, but it made me stand taller knowing I had earned the money they paid me.

My handful of customers could easily have called up a professional landscaper and had all that work done in less time with less hassle, but instead, they chose to engage me – a local, small business. What a difference their faith in me made.

We each put our faith in our neighbors when we engage with local businesses. Whether we are having yard work done, buying gifts, or grocery shopping, each purchase we make is a vote of confidence in the people behind the business. Buying local sends an important message to the community that we value and appreciate the hard working people that make Linton unique.

We know we can find those people running their businesses all along Main Street, and up and down Highway 54, but that is not always the case when it comes to local food producers. Thankfully, our community has a tremendous resource for supporting local farmers and producers in our Farmers’ Market.

Starting May 31st, a variety of vendors will display the literal fruits of their labor. Each booth will offer something different, but they have a few important things in common. They are all hard working, small business owners, and a little support from you will go a long way. Let’s buy local and help them thrive!

–Amy Lore, Linton Farmers’ Market Steering Committee